In obedience to the universal laws of the great creator, the wheel of time rolled on. A period of 30 years passed. Sishu Ananta Ashram grew from the infancy to its adulthood. The field of its various activities spread so much that it required a group of very sincere, efficient and dedicated persons for its smooth management & steady progress in a well planned and coordinated manner. With this end in view Ananta Balia Trust was formed on 8th April 2003 and was duly registered. The honourable members of the Ananta Balia Trust after very wise, judicious and thorough discussion have declared a twenty point working schedule of the Trust. The members of the Trust and the devotees of Param Pujya Pad Srimad Baba are striving very hard to materialize these objectives and to practically establish the so called popularly accepted truth “Service to Humanity is service to God”.

Of the 20 points working schedules, some important ones need to be mentioned here :-

  1. To revive, renovate, reactivate and rejuvenate the ruined ancient holy institutions.
  2. To establish, manage and assist- educational institutions, vocational and technical educational institutions.
  3. To set up, manage and assist old age homes, destitute homes, orphanages and convalescent homes etc for the use of the needy persons of the society.
  4. To setup, manage and assist Hospitals, Charitable dispensaries, maternity homes, sanatoriums etc for the needy and poor sections of the society.
  5. To render financial assistance and to conduct relief operations at the time of natural and man made calamities.
  6. To undertake plantations, horticultural activities, herbal plantations and medicinal plantations on the self owned or leased lands and all other works for environmental protection, development of herbal medicines and for proper maintenance of eco system of a region.

The organization though a spiritual one devotes most of its time for different varieties of work for development and reformation of the society. Some of its socio-spiritual activities are mentioned below –

Baba Balia devotes most of his time for spiritual discussions throughout the year at different places inside and outside the state. His interpretation of spiritual guidelines aims at awakening consciousness for better family life as well as social co-existence.

The organization organizes conferences at state and national level at times. Some important ones are as follows –

  • State level conference from 24.12.85 to 29.12.85.
  • ‘Sarba Dharma Sammelan’ at Khandagiri from 9.3.1987 to 16.3.1987
  • All India tour to establish National Harmony in the year 1988.
  • All India conference on Sanatan Consciousness and Jagannath Cult. From 1.04.1990 to 5.04.1990.
  • World conference to establish universal Brotherhood from 12.05.1992 to 16.5.1992 in which representatives of 23 countries participated.
  • All Orissa Paribesh Jatra from 25.10.1993 to 9.11.1993 touching all the undivided 13 districts of Orissa. The Govt. of Orissa has bestowed the award of ‘Prakruti Bandhu’ upon Baba Balia.
  • Sri Jagannath Melan Mahotsav in the year 2000.
  • A Parikrama of the river Prachi was conducted with disciples, devotees and believers with Baba to energies the languishing glories of the river.

In addition, it organizes All Orissa Pala Gayak Sammelan every year to bring reformation in the pala cult. of Orissa, teachers’ congregation to guide the teachers who shoulder the responsibility of future citizens of India. Revival, Renovation and Rejuvenation of the Temples, Bhagabat Tungi, and culture of Orissa in a regular phenomenon of the organization.

For development in the field of Education the organization with the help of local people established two general colleges. One Sanskrit College, One Sanskrit Toll, One Gyana Vigyan Kendra under reformative guidance of Baba . Besides Baba bridges the gap between spiritual teachings of the Veda, Vedanta, the Geeta and the Bhagabat with the modern scientific ideas for better social co-existence through his speeches on Television.

Srimad Baba’s contribution and dedication to enrich the spiritual and moral values of human being is beyond measure. Within last thirty years in thousands of meetings held in towns, cities, and the remotest rural areas of the states and important religious centers of other states Srimad Baba’s spiritual discourses in very clear, sweet, meaningful words have brought a revolution in the field of religion. The various theories, principles and methods described in complicated manner in the great epics and religious books like Srimad Bhagabat Geeta, the Ramayan, the Mahabharat, the Veda, Upanishad are explained by Srimad Baba to the common audiences in very logical, intelligible and comprehensive terms for practical application in their day to day life. This method of very attractive, convincing and acceptable way of presentation of the scriptural themes before common audience is very unique and specific to Srimad Baba for his God gifted wisdom and super power. Baba always advises his devoted and common men to forget the narrow differences in the teaching, avenues, principles, propagated by religious sects, orders, great mentors and to pay sincere regards and utmost honour to them. Baba expresses his great anxiety in a very aggrieved tone that honesty, truth, transparency, sincerity and dedication are disappearing in every walk of life especially in the field of education, health, administration, law & justice which are the so called strong pillars of democracy. Baba feels very much depressed and dejected to see jealousy, non-cooperation, disbelief, violence, treachery, hypocracy widely engulfing the individual, family and society. Very much emotionally drawn up Baba appeals to one and all to gain enough of confidence, courage & patience to fight out these destructive forces for the mankind.

Looking at the thousands of familial dispute, women torture, suicide, divorce, infanticide and above all negligence towards old parents Srimad Baba is very much tormented and even shades tears being overwhelmed with grief, sympathy and compassion. In all his spiritual discourses Baba appeals to the audience to make the best of their efforts to promote true love, affection, confidence, compassion, regards and respect among the family members to take up the noble familial, tradition and to strengthen the unbreakable familial bondage which will ultimately turn the family into a ‘BAIKUNTHA’ the abode of the Great Bishnu or in other words the abode of heavenly peace and happiness. If not followed strictly and sincerely the families instead of heading towards heaven will fall in the unfathomable ditch of hell. Again Baba points out that a family being the primary unit of a nation, meets with such a pitiable fate that the foundation of the whole nation will be weak and shaky, loosing its solidarity, unity and integrity and at last will grope in the darkness of despair, diffidence, destitution, violence militancy and cold war. When these will spread over the whole world, human race, the best of the creation will be awfully and mercilessly deprived of its stable existence.

As a proper preventive & remedial measure Baba warns the mankind in his golden words :- “ SADHU SABADHAN”

Continuous and rampant deforestation and ever increasing environmental pollution at present time have become a great menace to the mankind. The unpredictable weather, rise in the temperature of the earth will ultimately create a great hazard to the existence of human race. Scientists, intellectuals, great thinkers, well wishers of mankind are very apprehensive and are making humble request repeatedly to people at large to make best of their effort to protect the environment by all means. Srimad Baba in all his spiritual discourse appeal to the audience to refrain from the heinous activity of deforestation and environmental pollution. While concluding his speeches during his discourses he begs audience not for any thing but to plant a tree in their respective premises. In some places where Baba is invited to attend some functions he asks the host to take up an additional programme of plantation of trees.

In the Sishu Ananta Ashram seedling and small plants are produced in mass scale and are supplied to people either free of cost or with a nominal price for proper plantation with utmost care. Baba observes regularly Bana Mahotsab in Sishu Ananta Ashram and in its other branches by the devotees. Srimad Baba also advises people to plant trees in memory of many auspicious occasions like birth days, Marriage and thread giving ceremony, and death anniversary of parents.